Whistler's Knoll Winery

The Outagamie County Master Gardener Association celebrated 15 years with a dinner at Whistler’s Knoll winery in Hortonville.
The owners Of Whistler’s Knoll have invested considerable time and effort in restoring an early 1900’s barn which once housed a dairy operation with 10 dairy cows and a weekly farmer’s market.  They have been repurposing old farm equipment with gazebos built from round corn cribs and antique farm implements like pumps and spreaders dotting the property.  
Currently, the winery is open only for special events, parties, and weddings. Whistler’s Knoll has been exclusively pouring wines from other local wineries until their vineyard starts producing enough grapes to bottle their own wine. The one-and-one-half acre vineyard is planted with Frontenac Gris, Foch, Marquette and Prairie Star grapes. The vineyard is adjacent to the landscaped winery grounds and tasting room.

“Holly’s Potter Sheds”
Is the stove outside the chicken coop a hint at what will ultimately befall
these chickens.
Master Gardeners at Whistlers Knoll
“Ellie” hangs from a hay hook in the rafters of
the refurbished barn.

Careful thought has been given to little details
providing amusing surprises throughout the property.
Here is a bird popping out of a knothole overhead.