Scheduling your Florida Real Estate State Licensing Exam

Nature Coast Real Estate SchoolOnce you have submitted your Real Estate Sales Associate or Broker License Application you are able to track the progress of your application on using your social security number.  You will see a checklist of tasks required by the state to complete the approval process and when completed you will see the status change to “EXAM ELIGIBLE”. Congratulations!  You have been approved to the the exam, but may not know the next step. 

Although you should have received an email or an authorization letter in the mail  you do not have to wait to hear from the test vendor, Pearson VUE.  Once  you know that you are eligible to take the state exam, you may contact Pearson VUE directly through their website or by phone at 888.204.6289.

You will be required to submit a valid email address and pay at the time the exam is scheduled. You will not be able to pay at the test site on the day of the exam.  

If you wish to take the exam in Spanish, you must make your language preference known when scheduling your exam.  If you choose Spanish, you may toggle back and forth between Spanish and English to compensate for the fact that there are many dialects in Spanish.  If you do not make the request at reservation time, your exam will be in English.

Make sure you bring proper identification to the test site!  Two forms of signature identification are required.  One must bear your photo.  Your name and address must match the application submitted to the DBPR.  Government issued identification such as driver’s license, state identification card, passport and military identification card are acceptable. YOU MUST BE PREPARED TO SHOW PROPER I.D. TO GAIN ADMISSION TO THE TEST SITE. Student, employment I.D. cards and photo bearing credit cards are not acceptable as a picture bearing identification.

If the name on one or both forms of identification does not match the name listed in the vendor registration system, you must present an official document detailing why your name was changed. Examples of permissible documents accepted at the test center for this purpose include divorce papers, marriage licenses, and/or permanent resident certificates.
Remember to bring your Completion Certificate from Real Estate Licensing School to the Test Site.  Keep a copy for your records in case you need to retake the exam. You will need to provide the Completion Certificate if you retake the exam. 

Your test will be graded at the site and you will receive a pass/fail certificate.  If you failed the exam, your certificate will have a chapter by chapter breakdown of the questions asked and correctly answered for that chapter. This allows you to focus your studies on the chapters or topics that are your weakness.  

Finally, if you don’t pass, don’t be in a rush to retake the exam right away.  The statewide pass rates for retakers is significantly lower than first time testers.  Use the time to go back over your weakest chapters so that you are prepared when you retake the test.  It is especially tempting when you failed by only a few points.  You may berate yourself for changing those few answers that cost you the test, but remember, you will not receive the same exam when you retake, so use the time to study before signing up to retake the test.

For information on obtaining a real estate license or are considering a career in Real Estate and live in the Tampa Bay area, Contact Nature Coast Real Estate School’s website for our schedule of classes..
Nature Coast Real Estate School offers LIVE CLASSROOM and ONLINE INSTRUCTION for Pre and Post Licensing Classes for Sales Associates and Brokers, as well as Weekend Exam Prep Courses.  We have  four convenient locations in Pasco and Hernando counties to serve the Real Estate Licensing needs of Pasco and Hernando Counties.

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