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Keynote Speaker:

Chasing the Rare & Unusual in Shade Gardens

“Collecting is much like dating.
You become aware; something in your peripheral vision, 
a mention in a casual conversation, or perhaps a photo. 
Best yet an actual sighting. One good look and you are hooked. 
The hormones kick in and the chase is on. 
You pester your friends for an introduction.
Finally you meet and a new relationship begins to form.
Gene tells all about the loves of his life as a collector of 
the rare and unusual in his Southern Indiana Shade Garden.
(Rated PG for references of a sexual nature and mild profanity)”

Additional Speakers:   
Kathy Baum – Perennial Report Card 2015
Tammy Borden – The Big Deal About Miniature Gardens

Gail Clearwater – Let’s Talk Trash:  Trash to Treasure Gardening