Passing Your Florida Real Estate Licensing Exam

The greatest source of anxiety and stress for Florida Real Estate Licensing Candidates is the fear that they will not pass the State Licensing Exam.  They have heard from those in the business that the exam is confusing, grueling, filled with trick questions and hear stories of unsuccessful attempts to pass the exam.  

Many students have not seen the inside of a classroom for years or even decades, which adds to the feelings of inadequacy and apprehension.  If there is financial stress added to the mix of emotions it can truly heighten the pressure.  

However, a little anxiety is normal and can drive one to properly prepare (or even over prepare).  On the other hand, too much stress and internal pressure can be counterproductive.  The toxic chemicals strss produces in the body can inhibit the rational brain’s functioning and cause failure.  

So how do you increase your chances of passing the exam on the first attempt?  Adequate preparation, a positive attitude, rest, and common sense go a long way. 

Students who take the course online are pretty much on their own, having no instructor to explain or clarify points, or give real life examples for how to apply concepts.  Consequently, they tend to read everything in their text thoroughly and repeatedly.  The Bureau of Education and Testing of the DBPR has begun tracking test taking results for Online versus Classroom Students and the results favored the online students in pass rates. You can read more on the results of Online versus Classroom students.

Do not rely on your instructor’s lecture and your highlights as sole preparation for the exam.  Read the text thoroughly.  The Bureau of Education and Testing has a Candidates Information Booklet that was revised on June 4, 2015 to include the most recently updated  Examination Content Overview and Outline (pg 3-5) that separates and gives weight to subject areas to study.  Download from the DBPR website and read carefully.  It gives links to the Statutes and Administrative Codes that are in the text and information and advice for passing the test (pg 9-11).

The most recent changes are:

Finally, we have updated the Sales Associate Content Outline to match the new Sales Associate Syllabus. A copy of the updated Content Outline has been attached and will be reflected on the Sales Associate Candidate Information Booklet. Also, if a Sales Associate candidate fails and receives their grade report, they will see the updated headings from the Content Outline. You will also notice that we have decided to test on the Real Estate Markets and Analysis classification. Candidates will be tested on one item from this classification as we have taken an item away from the Residential Mortgages classification. This means that instead of 10 items being tested from the Residential Mortgages classification, they will now receive 9 items and 1 item from the Real Estate Markets and Analysis classification. Candidates will see the updates on June 4, 2015.

If there is an Exam Prep Course offered in your area, usually available on weekends, attend the class but be prepared because they are fast paced and meant to be a review, not a teaching tool.  Nature Coast Real Estate School uses the Florida Real Estate Exam Manual for Sales Associates and Brokers published by Dearborn for the Exam Prep Class.  There are over 600 questions with answers and rationales and here is one of the greatest tools for passing….

MARK THE CORRECT ANSWER TO EACH QUESTION AS GIVEN IN THE TEXT.  STUDY THE QUESTION AND THE CORRECT ANSWER ONLY. Do NOT even look at the incorrect answers to the questions in the Exam Manual because if you do you are imprinting incorrect answers in your brain. If you try to “test” yourself you may see multiple answers that “look familiar” when you are sitting in front of the test screen  at the State Exam site.  Study the question and correct answer only so that when you read the question, only the correct answer comes to mind.  You are then sufficiently prepared to attempt the State Exam.
Keep your test date a private matter so that you do not have to worry what others will think if you do not pass on your first attempt.  Make sure you arrive early to the test site so that you have have plenty of time to get processed and REMEMBER TO BRING YOUR COURSE COMPLETION CERTIFICATE TO THE EXAM SITE.  You cannot sit for the exam without it

 Take the time to go through the Tutorial when you sit down to your computer.  It will not count against your testing time.  Read through the test and only answer the questions that you feel confident answering the first time.  Then go back after you have read each question once and make sure to budget your time.  The adrenaline levels will be reasonable by that time and you will realize that you know more than you anticipated.  You can skip questions or mark them for review.  Save the math for last, since you utilize a different part of the brain for math.  DO NOT second guess yourself and change answers when you are reviewing unless you are certain you misread the question the first time.

Nature Coast Real Estate School offers LIVE CLASSROOM INSTRUCTION for Pre and Post Licensing Classes for Sales Associates and Brokers, as well as Weekend Exam Prep Courses.  We have four conveniently located locations in Pasco and Hernando counties to serve the Real Estate Licensing needs of Pasco and Hernando Counties.

For more information on the location and class preparation, call Jeanne Gavish at 352-650-1029 or email me at [email protected] or visit our website

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