Need A Home Repair? When Do You Need A Florida Licensed Contractor?

 If you just purchased a handyman special house, need some work done on your home or thinking about purchasing new appliances, be careful.  The work or installation may require a licensed contractor under Florida law.

Not sure that the work needs a licensed contractor?  Not sure if the person you’ve hired holds the required license?  Is the license current and active?  No matter what it says on the business card or magnetic signs on the side of that truck, verifying the professional construction license with the Florida Department of Professional Regulation (DBPR) makes good sense and may protect your home from unqualified workmanship.
Is a County or City permit required for the job?  Does the individual performing the work have insurance? What about their background?  Do they have a criminal history?  After all, you are giving them access to your home.  Hiring a licensed professional is the only way to ensure that you are complying with the regulations.  If you have not hired a properly licensed professional, it may cost you money in the long run when you receive a citation for lacking the proper permitting and the job may not be up to the proper work standard required by ordinance or state law.  You also run the risk of losing your money if you have an unlicensed contractor take your money and disappear before completing the work.  Neither your homeowner insurance policy or the DBPR can help you if you deal with unlicensed individuals or companies.

If you have any unresolved conflicts or disputes you will have recourse if you use a properly licensed professional.  The DBPR has the authority to investigate complaints and discipline the licensee if necessary.  Below is a partial list of work that does or does not require a construction license.
Be smart.  Be safe.  Go to the DBPR’s website to verify that you have a properly licensed contractor working on your home.  The list below is not comprehensive and the DBPR recommends calling them if you have any concerns at 850-487-1395.
Needs a License Does not need a license
Build a carport or sunroom for compensation.
Install a driveway or install pavers/tile walkways regardless of compensation.
Construct a roof for compensation.
Install awnings that do not become a fixed part of the structure regardless of compensation.
Install a dishwasher (requires connecting to drinking water) or replace a hot-water heater for compensation.
Add a water filter onto a faucet regardless of compensation.
Install a central air-conditioning unit for compensation (requires structural work and wiring).
Insert a plug-in A/C window unit regardless of compensation.
Clean central air and heat ducts for compensation (requires partial disassembly of the system, such as removal of air grills).
Change an A/C filter or cleaning ducts that do not require removal of the air grills regardless of compensation.
Repair or replace swimming pool pumps for compensation.
Clean swimming pools.
Install an above-ground pool regardless of compensation.
Perform plumbing work or irrigation installation that requires the contractor to connect lines to potable (drinking) water for compensation.
Install or repair irrigation systems that have a backflow preventer connected to a potable (drinking) water supply regardless of compensation.
Build a barn, metal building, or detached garage for compensation.
Install prefabricated tool shed less than 250 square feet in size regardless of compensation. The shed may be up to 400 square feet if it bears the insignia of approval from the Department of Community Affairs.
Remodel a home that requires alteration or replacement of a load-bearing wall for compensation.
Paint; install cabinets, wood or tile flooring, and insulation regardless of compensation.
Installation or replacement of drywall if the contract also includes work on the load bearing part of the wall, plumbing, electrical, or air conditioning work.
Installation or replacement of drywall if the contract does not include other work on the load bearing part of the wall or any plumbing, electrical, or air conditioning work.
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