Moscow's Muzeon Park of Arts

The open-air museum of sculpture now known as Muzeon Park of Arts is located on the Krymsky Val (Crimean quay), outside the House of Artists and the modern art division of Tretyakov Gallery.  It was created by Government of Moscow and Committee on culture of Moscow in 1992.  Originally called “the Park of the Fallen Heroes” and later well known as “Fallen Monument Park”, it is the final resting place for the many Soviet statues removed from Russia’s parks and squares following the collapse of Communism.  It now contains more than 700 works made of a stone, bronze, wood and other materials, including some notable pieces by Vera Mukhina, Ivan Shadr, Yevgeny Vuchetich, Yevgeny Chubarov. Highlights include the huge steel sculpture of the Soviet world, innumerable giant pedestal-less Lenins, monuments to the Red Army, and a de-nosed Stalin. In 2013 the Krymskaya embankment became a pedestrian zone and part of the Muzeon park.

Working Woman’s Portrait
Oleg Garkushenko, “The Return of the Prodigal Son”, 1998

“Gather stones”, Oleg Garkushenko, 1995, metal, granite

More than 80 works of liimestone created between 2000 and 2011
 in open air sculpture workshops. 

BustS of Joseph Stalin (left) and Vladimir Lenin (right),Soviet emblems in the background.
Dedicated to the victims of the totalitarian regime of Stalin,
consisting of 283 carved stone heads,
Starbucks raised planting beds filled with edibles.