Looking For A Career in Real Estate in Florida? Who Are You Anyway?

This is the time to get into Real Estate!  I hear it over and over from potential students requesting information on upcoming Real Estate Pre-Licensing classes in the Tampa Bay Area.  Not quite the levels of the boom of 2004-2007, but interest has increased in 2014.

Many people are reinventing their careers today.  The days of job security and companies rewarding loyal workers are long gone.  So who is today’s real estate licensee in Florida?

The Florida Realtors recently released the 2013 Profile of its members, which looks at the characteristics of today Realtors.

Here are some of the trends according to the Florida Realtors report:

Residential Realtors make up the majority of sales associates, with 77%  specializing in residential sales and having 11 years of experience.  This means they have seen the good times and successfully survived the tough times.  84% say they plan on remaining in the business for at least two more years.

Almost 25% of Residential Associates have had at least one Commercial Transactions in the past year.  The typical sales volume was $1.7 million in 2013 working a 40 hour work week.  

The median gross income in Florida was $46,400, up from $43,500 in 2012.  Members with 16+ years of experience had a median gross income of $62,200

Almost  60% had a transaction regarding a foreclosure and 55% had a transaction regarding a short sale, reflecting Florida’s large share of the nation’s distressed property sales.

The typical Property Manager manages 75 properties, as opposed to the national statistic of 30.

In Florida, the typical Realtor is a 56 year old female who attended college and owns a home.  55% of Florida Realtors are female.  Real Estate is one of the only professions where a woman can earn the same or more income as a man.

for 79%, Real Estate is their only occupation.  For members with 16 or more years experience the percentage jumps to 89%.

83% of Realtors own their primary residence, despite the years of economic distress in the industry.

 The full 2014 Member Profile – Florida Realtors® Report is available online. From Florida Realtors’ research page go to “Other Research Reports,” and click the dropdown box under “Other Resources.”
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