Law Change for Florida Real Estate Post License Exams

As a Florida Real Estate Licensing Instructor, one of the most frustrating aspects is student procrastination when taking the required Post Licensing course during the initial license period.  Every Post Licensing class I teach there are those students who waited until the cusp of license expiration and are in a panic that they may fail the test and therfore lose their license.  
If a student does not pass the end of course exam, they previously had to wait 30 days to retest or they can retake the course if they do not want to wait.  This created a serious issue if the student waited until the last month before license expiration.

The good news is…The 30-day waiting period was eliminated for the sales and broker post-license courses and for sales and broker license reactivation courses. This will significantly reduce the anxiety that the student will lose the license they worked so hard to acquire.

This is still not the ideal way to manage a new real estate career though.  Many new licensees choose a company that offers the best commission split and then lament the fact that they have no training or mentoring available.  The Post Licensing course can help bridge this gap.  The course takes the student through a step by step process beginning with business planning and goal setting,  to prospecting for business, the listing presentation, attracing buyers, presenting a contract through to the closing process.

This valuable opportunity is wasted when the new licensee has stumbled through the first year or so in real estate with no guidance. I hear so often that the student would not have lost a transaction or listing if they had only known what they are learning in class earlier in their career.

It is your license, your business, your choice.  Choose wisely and get that competitive edge in your real estate business.

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