It's a Great Time to Get Your Florida Real Estate License

Real Estate Classes in Hernando and Pasco counties are filling up again with the Real Estate Market well into recovery.  Business is booming for full time Brokers and Associates and many are looking to grow their brokerages and their Real Estate teams to meet the demand.  

A good number of today’s Real Estate students have already been interviewed and hired, pending the passing of their real estate license exam. It is gratifying to see them come into the business and move right into production with mentorship and a pipeline of leads in place for the new licensee.

Some brokerages are offering a tuition reimbursement program, whereby the brokerage will front the expenses of Real Estate School, licensees fees and Realtor dues with reimbursement from commissions earned for qualified candidates.  

Many of today’s real estate students are no strangers to the business, coming from appraising and mortgage backgrounds. Often, students have a Real Estate license in other states and are eager to duplicate their successful real estate careers from other states in Florida. 

Today, in the north Tampa Bay area, we are back to the pre-boom number of licensees that are active and the numbers are steadily growing.  The investor market, first time homebuyers and international buyers are taking advantage of affordable homes in the North Tampa Bay and low interest rates while they last.  It is a great time to begin a career in Real Estate.

If you have any questions about a career in real estate in Florida, please call or email me, or visit my website.  

Nature Coast Real Estate School has four convenient locations in Hernando and Pasco Counties and serves the real estate licensing needs in Pasco County and Hernando County Florida.  If you have any questions about the licensing process, the Division of Real Estate has answers to Frequently Asked Questions as well as a complete Candidate Information Booklet to guide you through the process of getting your license.  To apply for a real estate license in Florida, follow the link to the license application.

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