Florida Real Estate Licenses are not Reciprocal But….

Many Real Estate practitioners from other states migrate to Florida and inquire about getting their Florida Real Estate License.  They always want to know if there is any reciprocal relationship between Florida and their home state.   What they are asking is if they can practice real estate in Florida with an out of state license.   The answer each time is “Florida is reciprocal with NO states”.  We do not allow you to practice real estate in Florida without a Florida license.

However, if you have a sales or broker license in ANY other state, and it has been active for two out of the previous five years, you do not have to go through the same process as a Florida Resident seeking their broker’s license. 

For a Florida resident to become a broker, they must successfully complete a 63 hour course (that means pass the end of course exam), pass the Florida Sales Associate Licensing exam, and successfully complete the 45 hour post licensing course within the first licensing period.
In addition, they must have their sales license active with a broker for 24 months in order to qualify for their Florida Real Estate Broker’s license.
If you are moving from another state, and have been licensed as either a sales associate or a broker for two out of the past five years, you may bypass the sales associate’s license and apply for your Florida Broker’s license.  
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